Our Tribes

This is my first ever blog.  So I should, I think, do a little explaining.  First, why ‘Our Tribes’?

Christopher Isherwood famously called gay men ‘my tribe’.  Since then, things have moved on in directions he’d never have dreamed of, and instead of just ‘gay’ we’ve now got an ever growing number of initials to take onboard, LGBTQI and so on as our consciousness of the great diversity of creation expands.   We’re conscious of the differences, too, so it seems to me that we’re not just a tribe but a group of tribes.  ‘We’ is still appropriate though, as we’ve got a lot in common, and our fight for our rights is one fight and one we’ll see through together.

So, when I came to think of what to call this, my first blog, ‘Our Tribes’ seemed right to me.   Second, why am I bothering?

I’m going to use this blog to say some of the things I can’t say in my articles on Fridae or on the Pink Alliance website.  There’s a place for the personal thought that’s not to be blamed on the organisations that have given me a soap box. I’ve loved the chance they have given me to say what I think.  It’s addictive, and it’s one of the reasons I am taking up my pen here.  Yet if you write for others you can’t escape the need for a little sobriety, restraint and responsibility.

On then, to what I hope may lack very much of all of these three!



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